PHS Student Council members holding gifts

Plymouth High School Student Council members, from left, Joe Chandler, Tyler Luedtke, Derek Schweiger, Molly Brooks, Justin Schmitz and Erik Ohman hold gifts purchased for a local family.

PHS Student Council adopts family for Christmas

Posted January 16, 2017

For Christmas this year, the Plymouth High School Student Council adopted a family from the Plymouth School District. 

Seniors Tyler Luedtke and Joe Chandler came up with the idea, and the council voted unanimously to approve spending $300 on a family in need – whose identity would remain anonymous.

Associate Principal Andy Novak and PHS counselor Maggie Stielow helped coordinate the project and provided a wish list of present ideas.

Senior Molly Brooks and junior Justin Schmitz did the shopping, selecting gifts from the wish list. PHS secretary Shelly Zimmerman wrapped the gifts, which were given to the family Dec. 23. 

Molly is not a member of Student Council but eagerly volunteered to do the shopping when she found out about the project. “What girl doesn’t like to shop?” she asked, adding, “It felt good knowing that my fun of shopping was going to make a better Christmas for a family in need.”

Tyler and Joe said they hope Student Council repeats the activity in future years. “It feels good to know we helped out someone locally – even though we don’t know exactly who we helped,” they said.

Helping students experience a connection to the community is one of the Future States in our Community Engagement Pillar Strategic Plan. Check out the Community Engagement section of our District Report Card to see more ways our student population is active in our community.