Guest speakers - Fall 2016

Fall classroom guests

Posted January 2, 2017

The following special guests visited Plymouth School District classrooms this fall:

  • A guest speaker from Thomas Edison's laboratory in New Jersey worked with Parkview third-grade teacher Sarah Lee’s class.
  • John Roehre, Parkview custodian, talked with Ms. Lee’s class about composting.
  • Tim Stoltenberg, a professional actor/comedian, taught a comic improvisation workshop Oct. 17 with the Jolly Pranksters comedy team and the new adult comedy team.
  • Liz Kroll, executive director of the Sheboygan County Food Bank, talked with the PHS Global Studies class about hunger in Sheboygan County and ways the Food Bank and food pantries help.
  • Laura Yurs, minister at Immanuel UCC, talked with the PHS Global Studies class about her experiences living in Ghana, including work with a group of women who were making a protein-rich flour that they want to market and sell to others.
  • Lori Helmer, Deborah Easterhoff and Esther Derksen of LESPWA, a local group that brings help and hope to Haiti by going there and providing medical and dental care, also spoke to the PHS Global Studies class.
  • Bruce Russel, director of orthotics, spoke to Riverview sixth-graders about cerebral palsy and Ankle Foot Orthosis. This ties in with a STEAM project in which they need to create a prototype of a new AFO to prevent patients from walking on their tippy toes. He brought in examples of AFOs, discussed some of the difficulties with making them, and created two casts using student volunteers.
  • Brian Yerges, Plymouth city administrator, spoke to Riverview eighth-graders in the Future City Competition. The major problem that the students are focusing on for their futuristic city is the use of public space. Mr. Yerges brought in an example of a public space project that Plymouth is current developing (the Stayer Park update) and discussed the importance of planning, how plans can change, and how the city's history was tied into the plan.
  • Plymouth Mayor Don Pohlman visited Horizon third-graders to help them learn about local government. His parting message was "Put Safety First."
  • Dr. Nelson taught Horizon third-graders radiology.
  • Anthony Graykowski, a product designer for the Milwaukee Electric Tool Co., visited Riverview art classes in October. Students learned that the art career of product design employs highly skilled artists who are vitally important in the creation of new products sold by businesses to their customers. He discussed and demonstrated the creative process he uses at work and discussed the thinking his team worked through to solve product challenges. Many examples were shown, including 3-D prints and actual final products. Students also viewed Mr. Graykowski’s fine art paintings when they learned about the education needed to become a product designer. Students especially enjoyed the car design that Mr. Graykowski drew for each class. He told students that his greatest satisfaction is to see high quality products that he worked on for sale on store shelves.
  • Haley Lindstrom, Acuity human resources specialist, spoke to June Winkel’s Principles of Business class about working at Acuity and her job in HR.
  • Dr. Londa Jozwowski of Chrio-Health Chiropractic visited Amy Kolpin’s first-grade class at Parkview during Future Week and Kids Chiropractic week in October. She shared what a chiropractor does, read a story about chiropractic care, and talked about the importance of taking care of our bodies. The students did some stretches and learned about their spines.
  • Jesse Ritka, TMJ4 meteorologist, spoke to Parkview students in grades one through four about weather forecasting and careers in meteorology.
  • Kerry Frederickson, Doug Williamson, Wesley Patterson and Cory Leonhardt, chemists at MilliporeSigma, visited PHS chemistry classes in December to demonstrate concepts with chemicals they produce.

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