Chess Clubs

PHS Chess Club helps at Riverview

Posted January 2, 2017

Members of the Plymouth High School Chess Club recently worked with participants of the newly formed Riverview Middle School Chess Club.

The Riverview club, advised by Taylor Lembrich, has about 14 members who consistently attend meetings, and is looking for additional members. The club has all ability levels, from kids who didn't even know how to set up a board to kids who have been playing for years.

It meets about twice a month to work on strategies to become better players. During the Dec. 13 meeting, students were joined by PHS club members Allison Pieper, Emily Mersberger, Olivia Ozbaki, Avi Charlton-Diesch, Maddie Radtke, Jake Saunter, Sage Wacket, Dalten Wacket and PHS advisor Carrie Pieper.

“It was great seeing the competition level between some of the middle-schoolers and high-schoolers, as well as how the high school kids really took some of the students who had never played before under their wing to help them with the basics,” Ms. Lembrich said.