cast of Dead and Breakfast

The cast of “Dead and Breakfast,” an original murder mystery being presented by Plymouth High School drama students, includes living and ghost characters.

PHS students to present original works

Posted January 2, 2017

Plymouth High School students will share original works with the public during “double-bill” performances in January.

The performances will begin at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 12 and Friday, Jan. 13 in the amphitheater at the school, 125 Highland Ave. Admission is free.

The evenings will begin with members of the PHS Poetry and Writer's Club sharing their original poetry and other writings.

Then the Independent Study Advanced Acting Class, also known as the Amph-Rats Acting Company, will present “Dead and Breakfast,” an original murder mystery.

Some guests check in to the Robin’s Inn Bed and Breakfast but never check out. When a detective and his assistant arrive at the inn to investigate the recent murder of Clara Voyance, supernatural mayhem ensues as motives are questioned, sandwiches are munched, and detectives – living and dead – uncover the dark history of The Robin’s Inn.

“The play features characters that are both living and ghost-like, so audiences are sure to be amused with the antics of the characters the kids have created,” said drama teacher Janet DeJean Newton.

Members of the class are Elisabeth Balistreri, Megan Carbaugh, Tannor Gonzalez, Eric Grauman, Jordan Hefter, Emily LaVine, Jordan Lomibao, Connor McManus, Jillian Myers, Nicholas Pohl, Alan Schaefer, Justin Schmitz, Delaney Scudella, Jacob Willeford and Quinn Zwick.

Learn more:
• For more information, contact PHS English and drama teacher Janet DeJean Newton at (920) 893-6911.

“Dead and Breakfast” Cast List

The Living
Megan Carbaugh - Sandra Robinson: Owner of the Bed & Breakfast, but finds that murder is a menace.
Nick Pohl - Harvey Robinson: Mrs. Robinson’s loving husband, but does his wife truly love him?
Jake Willeford - The Investigator: Always looking for a clue. To find the suspect, he’ll guess who
Jordan Lomibao - “Probie”: His love of food is considered rude
Eric Grauman - Chef: He puts too much salt in the gazpacho
Quinn Zwick - The Gardener: Child of Lee Gardener, Descendant of Dee Gardener, Distant relative of Tree Gardener
Connor McManus - Johnny Voyance: “Heeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!”

The Dead
Tannor Gonzalez - Gustav: A fork in the eye is how he died
Jillian Meyers - Chastity: Over her shoulder she should have checked, for then she found a hose around her neck
Emily LaVine - Primrose: She came to help the gardener with a hose. How she died, nobody knows
Delaney Scudella - Amelia: She was once a detective with pride, but poison is just how she died
Justin Schmitz - The Decomposing Pianist: He put composing to the test, but now he’s dead; he died of stress
Elisabeth Balistreri: A bump on the head, now she’s dead

The Undecided
Alan Schaefer - Tech Crew: When it comes to the tech booth, Alan is all in
Jordan Hefter - Tech Crew: He helps Alan carry a burden, let’s give a round of applause to Jordan