Fryers at football game

Fryers pose next to homecoming king Trenton VanderSande, who went to all of the football games and cheered with the Fryers. Photo submitted by Clare Sedlacek

From Hi-Lights: Finkie Fryers bring burgers, cheers to PHS

Posted December 12, 2016

NOTE: This article appeared in the November 2016 edition of the Plymouth High School newspaper, Hi-Lights. Look for a copy in the high school office.

By Sarah Morris
of the Hi-Lights staff

Do you ever wonder who decides the dress-up themes for sporting events?  Or who sets up school fry-outs and leads the crowd in cheers?

The members of the Finkie Fryers do just that. The Fryer members are seniors Gavin Binversie, Drew Boening, Saunders Gentine, Dylan Koehn, Matt Richards, Forrest Spring, Alec Struve, Jake Welsch, and Jake Willeford; and  juniors Nathan Francis, Connor Joseph, Alex Kelly, Connor Laehn, Garrison Pierce, and Connor Schmidt. The head fryers, who have the overall say in what the Fryers do, are Dylan Koehn and Jake Welsch.

They all have many responsibilities before and during sports events. “We have to pick fun dress-up themes, cheer loudly, get the crowd energized, and basically keep everyone cheering the whole game,” said senior and self-proclaimed “Hype Man” Matt Richards. 

Not only do Fryers keep the crowd energized during the game, but they are also responsible for the fry-outs before football games and most fall sporting events to which all students are invited.

“Before the games we have a fry-out where we fry burgers, listen to music, and socialize,” said senior Gavin Binverse.

According to senior Jake Willeford, sometimes deciding themes can cause conflict in the group, but they always find a theme that pleases everyone. “All the Fryers mention one [theme], and if most of the guys agree on it, then we pick that one. If we can’t decide, we pick one as head Fryers,” he said.

The process of becoming a Finkie Fryer is decided by upperclassmen.

“The graduating Fryers choose a person, usually an incoming junior, to fill their spot when they graduate,” said junior Connor Joseph, who was appointed by his older brother, Noah. “Then graduating head Fryers appoint new head Fryers from the current Fryers.” 

But if you don’t have an older brother as a senior Fryer, don’t worry; there are other ways to become a Finkie Fryer: “If you ever want to become a Fryer, cheer loudly, show up to all the games, go all out for dress-up themes, and most likely you’ll be picked to be a Fryer,” Matt said.