Horizon Elementary School Principal Dena Budrecki donned the school sun costume for this year’s Walk-a-Thon.

Horizon artifact: Sun costume

Posted November 21, 2016

NOTE: In honor of the 25th anniversary of Horizon Elementary School this year, we’re sharing images of objects in and around the school. If you know more about these artifacts, please contact Jamie Piontkowski at or 892-5068.

Synde Kraus made this sun costume for Horizon Elementary School – whose mascot is the Suns – during the 2007-08 school year.

The costume debuted at the first school Walk-a-Thon the following year, which had a theme of “Walking on Sunshine.” Horizon principals have worn the costume during the annual Walk-a-Thon each year since. Then-Principal Todd Hunt also famously wore it while on the school roof as a reward for students reaching a reading milestone. 

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