Election Day 2016

Plymouth schools hold mock elections

Posted November 14, 2016

Students throughout the Plymouth School District got the chance to vote for president in mock elections held last week.

At Plymouth High School, students voted during their lunch periods on Nov. 8.

At Riverview Middle School, the school-wide vote was organized by the eighth grade as the culminating activity for their government unit. Approximately 175 eighth-graders taught by Julie Overby, Beth Reil and Kari Langenhahn participated, as each of them had a part in the process.

The eighth-graders learned about what is required to vote, what is allowed at polling stations, how to keep ballots private and secure, and how to ensure the count is accurate. 

They also made posters and public service announcements to encourage voting, made directional signs for the polling station, prepared ballots and ballot boxes, helped set up and take down the polling station, handed out “I Voted” stickers, and tallied the results.

Students in all grades voted Nov. 8 during their lunch hours, with the fifth-grade having the highest turnout. Results were:
• Trump  – 43%
• Clinton – 26%
• Stein – 10%
• Johnson – 10%
• Write-ins – 3%

Results from elementary schools:

  • Fairview: 110 (52%) for Trump to 100 (48%) for Clinton
  • Horizon: 145 (53%) for Clinton to 130 (47%) for Trump