District creates own Report Card

Posted November 14, 2016

The Plymouth School District has created an extensive, multimedia Report Card to evaluate how well it is doing.

Every year the Department of Public Instruction releases school and district "report cards," which use standardized test scores and a few other demographic data points to grade a district and its individual schools.

“While Plymouth Schools see the value in standardized tests as one way to monitor progress, we gauge the success of our schools via many other important factors,” the district notes in the preamble to its self-evaluation.

The district invites staff, families and community members to explore this interactive District Report Card to see how an exciting mix of academics, extra-curriculars, and other enriching experiences allow students to truly thrive in school while preparing themselves to become their best in any path they choose after graduation.

The district’s strategic plan calls for creation of the District Report Card, which in turn incorporates many of the initiatives in support of the district Pillars of Excellence: Academic Excellence, Extra-Curriculars, Community Engagement, and Financial Responsibility.

Work began on the Report Card more than a year ago, as administrators held thoughtful discussions about how best to evaluate the district. A team led by Assistant Superintendent Dan Mella and Fairview Principal Nick O’Malley identified eight key areas: Academic Excellence, Expert Staff, Innovative Opportunities, Post-Graduate Success, Extra-Curriculars, The Arts, Wellness, and Community Engagement.

The team then developed numerous measures for each of those categories. An extensive amount of relevant data was evaluated to develop star ratings for each of the eight categories as well as an overall rating for the district. Strategic initiatives for growth were identified for those categories receiving fewer than five stars.

The eight categories, the measures, and the data are captured in the online District Report Card. By clicking particular categories and measures on and off, people are able delve deeper and deeper into whatever is of interest them.

The district plans to update the Report Card monthly with fresh examples, and to revisit the measures and rankings each year.

Learn more:
• View the Plymouth School District Report Card.