Members of HHT Plymouth Barbershop Society sing

Members of the HHT Plymouth Barbershop Society perform for Plymouth High School choir students Nov. 4 in the school auditorium.

Barbershop group holds clinic with PHS choir

Posted November 14, 2016

The HHT Plymouth Barbershop Society recently conducted a clinic with Plymouth High School choir students.

Each PHS choir will perform a barbershop piece for the annual Cabaret performance, to be held Dec. 17 this year, so PHS choir director Amanda Smith arranged for the barbershoppers to introduce students to the genre.

During the Nov. 4 clinic, group members talked about the history of barbershop from its roots in 1800s plantations to its spread thanks to vaudeville shows carried on riverboats to its further development by men gathering in barber shops. It is one of two genuinely American music forms (along with jazz), said lead Brad Charles.

The singers sang several songs and also showed the students how the four parts – tenor, lead, bass and baritone – fit together to make the distinctive music.

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