Horizon playground equipment

Horizon artifact: Playground equipment

Posted November 7, 2016

NOTE: In honor of the 25th anniversary of Horizon Elementary School this year, we’re sharing images of objects in and around the school. If you know more about these artifacts, please contact Jamie Piontkowski at jpiontkowski@plymouth.k12.wi.us or 892-5068.

Horizon Elementary School unveiled new playground equipment in August 2014 in conjunction with the annual Sneak Peek.

The playground enhancements began with a promise from Walmart to donate money to PATH, the school’s parent-teacher organization, to update the playground.

“We found that our current playground had little equipment for our oldest children and also our children with mobility limitations,” playground committee chairwoman Anne Nelson said at the time.

Horizon was able to add a ball and jump rope cart as well as five new pieces of equipment, chosen with input from Horizon gym and special education teachers to challenge children of all abilities.

The equipment includes an adaptive swing and a nine-person wheelchair-accessible seesaw with four adaptive chairs. Older students can enjoy a triple ring fling, a tightrope walk and four balance pods.

PATH spent $18,000 on the improvements, drawing on proceeds from its fundraisers as well as generous donations from seven local Plymouth businesses: Walmart, Van Horn, Masters Gallery, Rohde Brothers, Prevea, Sargento and Plymouth Foam.

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