Students encouraged to Plan Futures

Posted October 17, 2016

To better prepare students for their futures, the Plymouth School District again is sponsoring Plan Your Future Week from Oct. 24 to 27.

This initiative reinforces the district vision that all students graduate from Plymouth High School with a plan, whether they are bound for a university, a community college, a technical college, a vocational training school, an apprenticeship, the military, or a gap year.

District staff members will be wearing T-shirts Oct. 24 inviting students to ask them about their career path. Teachers also will use advisory periods and/or class time for brief lessons to help make students aware of the different options available to them after high school.

Families can get involved on Plan Your Future Night, designed for students and parents to explore today’s choices in academic, career and life planning.

Plan Your Future Night, to be held Tuesday, Oct. 25 at Plymouth High School, will kick off at 5:30 p.m. with a keynote address by Sam Scharinger, former PHS counselor and current youth pastor at New Life Community Church in Plymouth. Then families will be able to attend up to two sessions on a variety of topics, including:

  • Future Planning for the Elementary Parent: From parents to principal, learn about the important individuals and factors that influence your child’s success during critical developmental years. This sectional will enlighten you to the impact of praise, attendance, involvement and the collaborative approach of your child’s education. (grades K-6)
  • Planning for the Middle School Parent: Counselors prepare students for future school transitions through Plymouth Educational Planning (PEP) talks. Learn about the importance of why students learn about their learning styles, interests, strengths, challenges, goal setting and career exploration. This sectional will also provide insight on the wide range of post high school career options and requirements. (Grades 5-8 )
  • What INSPIRE’s You? The Mission of INSPIRE Sheboygan County is to facilitate connections between businesses and Sheboygan County K-12 school districts. Are you interested in researching your future career options? Do you want to experience your potential career through a job shadow or more? Come check out INSPIRE and see how you can start planning for your future now! (grades 6-12 )
  • Youth Apprenticeship: Learn about the Youth Apprenticeship (YA) Program and the opportunity to explore your future career while still in high school! As a YA student, you receive elective high school credit and get paid for your time spent working at your employer. You also have the opportunity to take college-level courses related to your YA experience. (grades 6-12)
  • Let’s Get Technical: Hear from a tech rep about the many different options that will be offered to your child at the technical school: Admission information, entrance exams, and financial opportunities. (grades 6-12 )
  • Is a State University Right for You? Hear from a State University representative about Admission information and financial opportunities. (grades 6-12)
  • What Choices Are You Going To Make? Students to students discuss the choices that confront them every day and the impact on their future. Ask questions about situations that come up and how to make the choices that are right for you. High School students will be leading the discussion. (grades 6-12 )
  • Everyday Choices Your Child Is Faced With: This sectional will focus on what your can do as a parent to discuss the challenging situations that your child may encounter. A panel style format will help you learn strategies and talking points to keep communication open with your teen. Strengthening Family leaders will facilitate the session. (grades 6-12 )
  • Scholarships 101: With college tuition costs steadily on the rise, it can be daunting to think about the money it will cost you to earn a college education. Learn about the anatomy of scholarships, eligibility, and resources on where to look for scholarships, as well as tips and strategies for success. (grades 6-12)
  • I Can’t Afford Private Colleges … Or Can I? Hear from Private school representatives about Admission information and financial opportunities. (grades 6-12 )
  • College Entrance Exams: Hear about ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER, ASVAB and practice test/resources for college entrance exams. (grades 8-12)
  • Financial Aid (FAFSA) Help Session: Learn from local expert about what financial aid is and how it helps you pay for your college education. Learn what you need to do, what you should expect to do, what you should avoid and why you should start this process early. This is a learn AND do style workshop. Bring your questions and application along for specific help. (grades 11-12 )
  • College Application Help Session: Get acquainted to the college application process and the importance to applying to college. Seniors will be able to receive assistance from experienced professionals knowledgeable in the college application. (grade 12)

Raffles will be held after each session, with prizes including one of three $100 gift certificates to open an Edvest account through Bank First National; Culver’s gift cards; and gas, grocery and pizza gift cards from Healthy Sheboygan County 2020. Additional donations provided by Sargento and Lakeside Pepsi-Cola Bottling.

Learn more:
Click here for the full Plan Your Future Night brochure.