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What is Parent Network? Parent Network is made up of parents and guardians of PHS students along with teachers and administrators who meet in the PHS Library four times during the school year. If you are a parent/guardian of a PHS student, you are part of Parent Network. Meeting topics may include such things as Homecoming, Prom, getting ready for college, scholarships, and anything else that might be of interest to PHS families. There is always time during these one-hour meetings for your questions and concerns. There is no fundraising involved with this group.

What does Parent Network do? Besides having the meetings, Parent Network coordinates publication of a Parent/Student Directory each year.


PHS Parent/Student Directory

Forms (due July 31, 2017)
Online Directory Form
Printable Directory Form

About the Directory
Have you ever had a question for another parent and could not find their phone number to contact them? Are you concerned about your high school student attending parties at the home of someone you don't know? Are you wondering if the parents will be home that night? We have the solution.

The PHS Parent/Student Directory helps parents and students develop a communication network at the high school level. All families who agree to the Parent Pledge and fill out the required information are listed in the directory and receive a copy for the current school year. Please note: E-mail addresses are not published in the directory, but if you provide your email address, you will be reminded of important upcoming events.

Parent Pledge
As a parent of a Plymouth High School (PHS) student, I am interested in providing a safe, drug-free and alcohol-free environment in which all youth can gain experiences in a positive and enjoyable fashion.

I encourage parents of other PHS students to call me to verify that parties at my home will be appropriately supervised.

This pledge does not guarantee that problems will not arise. It only confirms my resolve to support other parents in their efforts to ensure, as best as we are able, that our sons and daughters will grow strong and healthy in a safe and fun atmosphere.