Facilities Information

We appreciate the support of the community in helping to make these upgrades a reality!



Plymouth High School

o Students returned to school in September and began using the remodeled cafeteria and kitchen, gymnasium and PHS Office.

PHS cafeteria

Plymouth High School

o A crane was assembled on the site in November 2018 to handle heavy lifting.

crane towering over construction site

o Crews laid the lower-level walls and ceiling into place in February 2019.

Concrete walls and ceiling in place

o Workers guided precast sections into place on the addition in early March 2019.

Two workers with section held by crane

o The roof steel structure was in place by early April 2019.

Building with crane

o Work began on enclosing the roof in late April.

Building with crane

o Crews worked on enclosing the addition throughout May.

a look at the partially complete addition, as seen from the south

o Work on the science classrooms, multipurpose facility, and safer traffic access continued through August.

interior of classroom; front of PHS; and parking plan

o The public got a Preview of the Fitness Center, Multipurpose Facility, and other features of the addition during Homecoming in September.

interior of classroom; front of PHS; and parking plan

o Students began using science classrooms, the fitness center, and the multi-purpose center in October.

students working on experiment in science lab

o The PHS Marching Band and other student groups continued to utilize the new facilities in November, which also saw the fitness center open to community members.

band in multi-purpose facility

o The new pro-style griddle and other industrial equipment went into service in the Culinary Arts kitchen in December.

students making pancakes

o Science students continue to enjoy their modernized classrooms and expanded project space.

students watching toy car with egg

o Community members got a look at remodeled science classrooms and culinary arts improvements during an Open House on Feb. 27.

people looking at science lab

o The District Office moved into its new location, and crews began remodeling the PHS Office.

plywood wall at end of lobby

o Remodeling work continued on the gymnasium and the PHS Office in April.

gym with backboards down and bleachers out

o Remodeling of the kitchen and cafeteria began in May.

mostly empty kitchen

o Crews landscaped the front of the school and continued work on the PHS office, kitchen and cafeteria in June.

trees and plants outside PHS

o Work neared completion on the new PHS Office, and continued on the kitchen and cafeteria.

orange wall of office

Plymouth High School

o Remodeling of the gymnasium, PHS Office, cafeteria and kitchen wrapped up in August.

gym with bleachers out


Parkview Elementary School

o Construction fencing went up in April 2019.

Fencing in front of Parkview

o Demolition of the gymnasium and cafeteria took place in May.

crane reaching into partially demolished stage

o Construction of the new gymnasium began in July.

crane placing gym walls

o Crews restored access to the school in time for Sneak Peek in August.

family entering next to new gym

o Students began using the new cafeteria and gymnasium in November.

students running in gym

o Parkview had its Winter Concert in the new gymnasium and a Book Fair in the new cafeteria in December.

students on stage in gym

o Workers put the finishing touches on Parkview in January, including this sign in the main office.

words on wood wall

o Community members got a look at the school upgrades during an Open House on Feb. 27.

family entering cafeteria

o Completed Parkview Elementary School

parkview exterior


Fairview Elementary School

o Construction fencing went up in June 2019.

Fencing in front of Fairview

o Demolition of the gymnasium and cafeteria took place in July.

school after removal of gymnasium area

o Crews restored access to the school in time for Sneak Peek in August.

Mr. O'Malley greeting families outside school

o Crews placed precast walls for the new gymnasium in September.

crane positioning part of wall

o Crews placed the last of the precast walls for the new gymnasium in October.

crane next to gym walls

o Crews poured the subfloor for the new gymnasium in November.

cement truck next to new gym

o Work on the interior of the cafeteria (and gymnasium) advanced in January.

interior of Fairview cafeteria

o Workers put finishing touches on the gymnasium (and cafeteria) in February.

interior of Fairview gym

o Students began using their new cafeteria, gymnasium, music room, art room, and secure entrance in March.

Students eating in cafteria

o Completed Fairview Elementary School

fairview exterior

o More secure, convenient visitor access to School, District and Community Ed & Rec offices

- School offices will be relocated with a direct view of the main door.
- District and Community Education & Recreation offices will be relocated toward the front of the PHS building, to provide easier and more secure access for visitors.
- Schools will be able to close off areas of the building during times when the community is using the building.

o Safer traffic patterns for school buses and passenger vehicles

o District-wide security and communications system upgrade

o Improved Science facilities with renovated modern labs, providing a strong foundation to support our Science & Technology curriculum

o New Health Careers curriculum, including pre-nursing and medical terminology classes, in response to expected shortages in health-care fields

o Enhanced Culinary Arts kitchens, which will allow students to earn culinary certifications

o Updated Physical Education facilities at the elementary schools and high school, with more space for year-round, indoor activities to provide more variety for students and more opportunities for community use

o Renovated Food Service facilities, with updated cafeterias