Online Course Options

Our Online Course Options provide additional/alternative learning opportunities for students within the district whose educational needs may be better met, in part, outside the traditional school setting.


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Wisconsin Virtual School


How it works

The e-School allows students to take full-credit courses over the internet, offering flexibility and access to a wide variety of courses. Online courses offer the same curriculum as traditional courses, but in a different format. Students access their assignments online, communicating regularly with the teacher, generally via e-mail. Students are able to work on their assignments at any time that is convenient for them.

The flexibility and range of courses available make the e-School particularly useful to students in the following situations:
  • Students desiring to take courses not offered at PHS, including AP courses and languages other than Spanish and German.
  • Students looking to get a jump start on college, for example taking a medical terminology course that carries both PHS and college credits.
  • Students who can’t take a course offered at PHS due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Students who have medical issues that make it difficult for them to attend traditional classes.
  • Students who have been expelled from school.
  • Students who are home-schooled.
  • Students needing a few credits in order to graduate early.
  • A particularly advanced middle-school student, who can take more challenging online classes during regular class time.
Whatever their situation, successful e-School students are self-motivated and self-reliant, as well as proficient readers and effective writers.