Adventure Ropes Course

The Adventure Ropes Course at Plymouth High School offers a wonderful opportunity for family fun, team-building and testing your limits.


About the course

The Plymouth School District Adventure Ropes Course is an outdoor activity consisting of mental and physical challenges. The course built by ABEE (Adventure Based Experiential Educators) is both challenging and fun. The high elements are complete with two climbing walls, pamper pole, zip line, vertical jungle gym, hee-bee gee-bee, multi-vine, cargo-net, postman, catwalk, swinging stirrups and floating islands. The low elements course is complete with the criss-cross, triangle traverse, commitment bridge and tension traverse.

Our course contains a blend of high and low elements designed to integrate the following goals:
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Learn problem-solving skills
  • Communicate thoughts and ideas
  • Evaluate success and failure to reach conclusions
  • Build self-confidence
  • Team building
  • Learn to appreciate and respect differences of individuals

Low elements
Low Elements are individual and group challenges that encourage the use of balance, coordination, persistence, determination and teamwork. The elements progress from low to high as the group and/or individual becomes more confident. Progression is based on the groups' performance as evaluated by the Plymouth School District Ropes Course staff.

High elements
The high elements are individual challenges performed 20 ft. or more above ground. All are belayed (a rope and pulley system) to insure the participant's safety. These elements push the participant to overcome doubt and fear. All participants are encouraged to try each element.However, everyone reserves the right to pass if they choose. The course is operated on a "Challenge by Choice" policy.

A word about safety
Safety studies have proven that fewer accidents happen on a ropes course than in the average gymnasium. Safety on our Ropes and Challenge Courses are our #1 concern. The Plymouth School District Ropes Course has been in operation since 2006. Each of our instructors has successfully completed the thorough ABEE training program and are qualified, experienced leaders.


Private climbs

2-Hour Private Bookings High Ropes
3-5 High Ropes Elements
7– 11 participants: $25/participant
12-35 participants: $20/participant

4-Hour Private Bookings
5-8 High Ropes Elements 7-11 participants: $35/participant
12-35 participants: $25/participant

Full Day and Business Team-Building Climbs
Pricing varies. Call (920) 892-5068for more information

Reservations: A reservation for the Plymouth School Districts Adventure Ropes Course can be made by calling (920) 892-5068. All sessions need to be booked at least 14 days in advance.

Cancellation Policy We commit to program expenses in advance. If a cancellation occurs less than 2 working days before your session date, your deposit will not be refunded. If you choose to not reschedule, your entire deposit will be forfeited. In the event that the Plymouth School District Staff determines the course unsafe for use, due to severe weather or other circumstances, you may reschedule with no additional cost to you. If you decide not to reschedule after staff determination of weather or other circumstances a full refund will be awarded.

Required Forms
Click the form name for a printable PDF. All forms must be turned in prior to participation.
Business groups: Indemnity / Waiver / Photo / Reservation
Student climbers: Consent / Waiver / Photo / Reservation
Parties: Consent / Waiver / Photo / Reservation