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SEASON            SPORT                                               LEVEL(S) OF                           STARTING DATE                 CUT POLICY                     COACH

                                                                                          COMPETITION                      OF SPORT (09-10)



                        Girls Cross Country                               JV/Var.                                        August 17th                              No Cut                                   Mr. Grosshuesch

                        Girls Swimming & Diving                     JV/Var.                                        August 11th                              No Cut                                   Mr. Slagle

                        Girls Tennis                                             JV/Var.                                        August 11th                              No Cut                                   Mr. Pederson

                        Girls Volleyball                                       Frosh/JV/Var.                             August 17th                              Cuts                                        Mr. Schermacher

                        Boys Football                                         JV/Var.                                        August 10th                              No Cut                                   Mr. Knaus

                                                                                          Frosh                                            August 17th                              No Cut                                   Mr. Ross           

                        Boys Cross Country                              JV/Var.                                        August 17th                              No Cut                                   Mr. Grosshuesch

                        Boys Soccer                                            Frosh/JV/Var.                             August 10th                              Possible Cuts                        Mr. McMyler

                        Football Cheerleading                           Frosh/JV/Var.                             Start of School                         Cuts                                        Mrs Townsend

        Dance Line                                              Var.                                              Try outs Early June                 Cuts                                        Mrs Ross



                        Girls Basketball                                      Frosh/JV/Var.                             November 18th                        Cuts                                        Mr. Shutter

                        Boys Basketball                                     Frosh/JV/Var.                             November 16th                        Cuts                                        Mr. Richards

                        Boys Swimming & Diving                    JV/Var.                                        November 16th                        No Cut                                   Mrs Sedlacek

                        Boys Wrestling                                       Frosh/JV/Var.                             November 16th                        No Cut                                   Mr. Weix                          


                        Girls Soccer                                             JV/Var.                                        March 22nd                              Possible Cuts                        Mr. Munson

                        Girls Softball                                           Frosh/JV/Var.                             March 15th                               Cuts - JV/Var.                       Mr. Grahn                                        

                        Girls Track & Field                                 JV/Var.                                        March 8th                                 No Cut                                   Mr. Grosshuesch

                        Boys Golf                                                JV/Var.                                        March 29th                               Cuts                                        Mr. Knaus

                        Boys Tennis                                            JV/Var                                         March 29th                               No Cut                                   Mr. Gritt

                        Boys Track & Field                               JV/Var.                                        March 8th                                 No Cut                                   Mr. Grosshuesch



                        Boys Baseball                                        JV/Var.                                        May 15th                                  Cuts                                        Mr. Cain


**All the sports require: Physical card and Athletic Code turned into High School office before athlete can practice.

     Physical Cards & Athletic Codes can be picked up High School Office.

Fall Sports season Athletes Please look about 3/4 weeks before season in the Plymouth Review, Sheboygan Press or Channel 14 for season start information.




Any questions regarding PHS athletics please contact Mike Slagle (Athletic Director) 892-5004.


**All the sports require: Physical card, insurance waiver, and Athletic Code turned into High School office before athlete can practice.


Any questions regarding PHS athletics please contact Mike Slagle (Athletic Director) 892-5004.





Responsible educators have shown that the interscholastic athletic program can play an important part in the complete high school curriculum.  Through self-discipline and regular mental and physical conditioning participants may enhance their development on an extracurricular and voluntary basis.  Plymouth High School , by offering an athletic program, extends the privilege of so enriching the mind and body to any students meeting district and W.I.A.A. requirements.  If accepted, this privilege carries certain responsibilities.  The Athletic code presents these responsibilities.



Mere participation in the athletic program does not guarantee that all aims will be met or that all opportunities will be realized.  The coaching staff and administration shall make every effort to teach participants the goals for which the program was established.  Privileges always carry responsibilities.  The participant's greatest responsibility is to be a credit to parents, school community and self.



In order to represent Plymouth High school in any interscholastic competition, a student must meet all eligibility and scholastic requirements of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (W.I.A.A.) and Plymouth High School .  Listed below are some of the more applicable:

1.    The participant must be doing passing work in a minimum of four (4) full credit courses. (Comparable to W.I.A.A.

standards) (see academic policy for PHS)

                2.  The participant should report any failures to the coach of the sport in which he/she is involved.

                3.  The participant must be a legal resident of Plymouth Joint School District .

4.  The participant  must turn in a physical examination card, an Athletic Insurance Information Card and a  signed              Athletic Code.  All of this information must be signed by legal guardian.

                5.  A student cannot be over the age of 19 by August 1 of that school year.



Grounds for Suspension:


                1.  Using alcohol, tobacco and/or detrimental drugs at any time

                2.  Being involved in the purchase, sale, and/or transportation of alcohol and/or illegal drugs.

                3.  Knowingly loiter in the presence of illegal consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs.

                4.  Stealing of any kind.

                5.  Cheating

                6.  Vandalism

                7.  Hazing- defined as intentionally or recklessly engaging in acts which endangers the physical health or

                       safety of a student for the purpose of initiation or admission into or affiliation with any organization

                       operating in the school.  Under those circumstances, prohibited acts may include any brutality of a

                       physical nature, such as whipping, beating, branding, forced consumption of any food, liquor, drug                                                             or any other substance, forced confinement or any other forced activity which endangers the physical                                                              health or safety of a student. [S.948.52 (2), Wisconsin Statutes]

                8.  Any other unacceptable conduct contrary to the ideas, principles, standards and morals of the school or community.



A student's grades will be checked at the end of each quarter, semester, and throughout the school year.  A student who earns an incomplete or an "F" at any of these time periods will be placed on academic probation.  Academic probation will be a period of 5 weeks.  A student will be able to continue participating in his/her activity during this time.  If at the end of the 5-week probation the student is not passing all classes, that student will become ineligible for the remainder of that quarter.  If at the end of that quarter the student is still not earning all passing grades, the suspension will continue.  (Mid quarter grades will be used to determine 5-week grades.)


If a student is earning more than 1 "F", that student will be placed on an automatic suspension for 1 quarter without probationary period.  In the case of one time events such as trips, performances, or other activities, the student will be ineligible to participate  with more than 1 F, incomplete, or combination of Fs or incompletes.  The incomplete(s) must be resolved before that event or the student remains ineligible.  Students will be allowed to practice while on probation at the discretion of the coach/advisor.


An athlete once placed on suspension must break the string of Fs at a quarter or semester grading period to regain eligibility.


It is our belief that a student must be on line for graduation.  If a student fails a required course, he/she must reschedule that class at the earliest time possible to earn credit.


It is expected that Plymouth High School students will practice good sportsmanship by showing proper respect and courtesy to all visitors, whether they be player, coach, official or spectator.

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